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Judge Leonard Murray receives endorsement from Alderwoman Pat Dowell at her event on February 27th at the Signature Lounge in the south loop.

​Fundraiser Introduction by Que Johnson
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Ladies and Gentlemen,


I stand before you to acknowledge and celebrate Judge Leonard Murray's instrumental role in shaping the trajectories of several esteemed judges and legal professionals in our community.


Let us begin with Judge Cynthia Cobbs, who ascended to the bench by appointment in 2012, filling a crucial vacancy. In 2014, her prowess as a jurist was recognized when she was elected to a circuit spot. Not long after that, she was assigned to the Illinois Appellate Court. During her time in the trial court, particularly within the landlord-tenant division, Judge Cobbs honed her expertise under the watchful guidance of Judge Murray, for which she credits a significant portion of her professional development.


Her success story mirrors the steps taken by Judge Joy Cunningham, who transitioned from her role in the legal department of Northwestern University Hospital to a victorious candidate for the appellate court. This transition was punctuated by a hard-fought primary election victory, in which Judge Murray's legal acumen played a part in affirming a slim margin of 500 votes. That victory was a stepping stone for Judge Cunningham, who now proudly serves on the Illinois Supreme Court, a position she attained in December 2022.


Similarly, Judge Murray's impact fills in the political arena, where he was part of a legal team defending Larry Rogers Jr.'s primary victory for the commissioner of the Board of Review. Their success in court solidified Rogers Jr.'s position and arguably paved the way for his current re-election campaign.


While Judge Murray may humbly defer from taking credit, it is clear that his expertise, judgment, and support have been a common denominator in these success stories. His commitment to justice and the legal community has not only shaped careers but has also fortified the legal framework within our state.


With these reflections, we acknowledge Judge Leonard Murray's silent yet powerful influence. His contributions extend beyond the courtroom and election counts; they resonate in the lives and successes of those he has worked with and supported.


Thank you.

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Alderman Pat Dowell

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